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Flying with 7 week old

Has anyone done it?

What is your opinion on getting the 8 week shots at 6 1/2 weeks so that they are done before the flight?

My doctor said that she would very much prefer to give the shots before traveling by plane, and that they can be given as early as 6 weeks. I have been on the fence about going on the trip, but my close cousin just had her baby twin girls and I would really like to see all of the family up there (we live in TX, they live in WA) as we don't get to see them very often at all b/c of the distance. There is a wedding, so all of the family will be in one place which is rare! Like I said, I have been on the fence about going for the past 6 weeks since he has been born, but now the trip is late next week and I am really leaning towards going, but I think I need other people to voice their opinion to give me the final shove! 

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Re: Flying with 7 week old

  • I'm not going to tell you whether to stay or go, but I do live in WA, and know that right now we are in the midst of a pertussis epidemic. So if you decide to come up here, I'd at least have your baby get the first Dtap, and you & your DH the tDap if you haven't already.
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  • As far I as I know, getting the shots early wouldn`t be a problem. 

    I think travelling with a 7 week old would go great! I haven`t done it personally, but at that age they`re so sleepy and easy to care for... I`m fairly sure you`d have no trouble at all :) Just nurse/give a bottle during take off and landing. Your LO with likely sleep the whole flight... Go for it! Good luck :) 

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  • with DS I went to get the 2 month shots at 7 weeks and they would not do it saying that insurance won't pay for them before the kid is 8 weeks old.  might want to check with insurance before you make that plan.
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  • we flew at 7 weeks and had the shots at 6.

    it worked out fine for us!

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