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Is a sedan do-able with twins?

We are currently in process of figuring out our car situation. DH has an suv and I have a sedan. We talked about switching but the reality is he can really use his suv for his job. I'm not worried about the babies fitting, I'm more worried about the trunk space. We can switch if we have to but was wondering if anyone has had luck getting the double stroller and other bulky items in a regular trunk?
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Re: Is a sedan do-able with twins?

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    When ours were in their infant seats, we took them out in MH's sedan and it wasn't a problem at all. Our stroller (BJCS) fit in the trunk just fine and we still had room for a passenger in the back seat. It'll get tricker when they move to RFing convertible seats but, I don't think it's impossible. We did get an SUV because we weren't sure if our family was complete, and we wanted room for other people to go places with us, but it wasn't a necessity. It's nice to have, don't get me wrong, but it's not a real need, IMO. 
  • Sedans totally work! I drive a Jetta and DH drives a Focus, and we've had no problems. Both cars eats fit, and there's plenty of space for the stroller. 


  • I have a mid size suv and with the two car seats in I can't put my seat back- I'm tall so it's not going to be easy for me. My husband has a commuter car, we haven't tried putting the stroller in yet but seats are in. It's just going to be tight till we buy the Honda Pilot we want that is roomy. But with paid off cars there is no sense running out now to buy bigger SUVs when you don't go out much for 6 months with infants.
  • Yep. Our only car till the boys were 10m old was DH's Chrysler 300M. It is a larger-size sedan and does have a large trunk but we had no trouble at all fitting in the double stroller along with groceries or luggage.
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    If you don't have to worry about smushing yourself in the front b/c of rear-facing car seats, then it's fine. My BJCMD fits in my DH's Malibu and it's bulkier than the BJCS. I wouldn't be able to get much else in there but that's fine. The issue for us was not being able to fit in the front so we use my SUV exclusively for the babies, but we are very tall.
  • Yep! Our 'big' care is a Honda Accord, and it fits our girls just fine. Our normal stroller is a Maclaren SBS that I can easily fit groceries and other stuff around. I can fit our Schwin jogger in our trunk as well as 2 small suitcases and a few tote bags if I need to. It is doable, just takes a bit of planning, so the Maclaren is our normal 'store' stroller.
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  • Thanks so much. This makes me feel a lot better! Both our cars are paid off so I really didn't want to have to upgrade (at least not yet) so this is great news!
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  • We have twins in our little Pontiac Vibe. Everyone said we'd need a bigger car, but this is paid off and we will make it work as long as we can.


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  • Just wondering if anyone who has made a sedan work is especially tall or has a very tall SO. MH is is 6-3, and there just didn't seem like there was ANY way he could comfortably drive with a carseat behind him.
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  • I have a Saab 93 and it works with the carseats no problem. I cannot fit the boat of the stroller in the back though (Chicco double). My husband drives a tahoe so we take that if we need the stroller.
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  • Definitely.  I have a Lexus HS and the girls and all the things I need for them fit perfectly.  Including the City Mini Double Stroller.  With room for groceries.

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  • We had the boys in my Honda Accord (2008, so the bigger body style) until they switched to convertibles at 8 months old. DH is 6'3" and was ok riding in the passenger side.

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  • I drive an Acura TSX and can fit the babies BJCS in the trunk plus groceries if needed. There have been times when I have gone grocery shopping without the babies and forgot to take their stroller out of the car and easily fit the groceries in the trunk. I am actually quite surprised how much stuff I have been able to fit in the car and trunk along with the babies.

    Now is driving the car with the babies in infant seats the same as before? No. I had to move the seat up and I am only 5'5 and a passenger really can't fit well in the car but it works for me and the babies. DH can't fit in the car as he is 6'2 so we always take his SUV when we go places. DH keeps asking me if I want to switch cars with him but I have no problem with taking them places in my car.

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