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11th hour plea

I have lurked on this board for years but I guess I am "new" to most of you. Would you please indulge me by voting in one of those Internet contests? This is a contest run in conjunction with Chase bank and the winners will receive a $250k grant for a small business.

The business I am asking you to support is a therapeutic riding stable where my son gets therapy for nerve damage in his inner ear, which leads to balance and movement problems for him.

The woman who runs the stable just heard about this contest so it is a VERY last ditch effort to qualify. She needs about 150 more people to vote for her to qualify. After she Gets the minimum number of votes to qualify, the committee will read her story and make a decision.

Here is the quick version of her story: She has run a therapeutic riding stable for 20 years. She donates hour upon hour to the special needs kids in our local school system. In addition to her therapeutic program, she also works with some economically disadvantaged kids from a nearby town. Her program strives to teach teens kindness, compassion, responsibility while helping the kids develop a sense of accomplishment and confidence. And to top it all off, about half the horses in her stable have come to her as rescue horses. She is the kindest, most giving woman I have met and I am so grateful she has helped my son so much.

The owner of the stable lost her husband about 2 years ago so now she does all of this on her own, and believe me, running a horse farm is a LOT of hard physical labor. She Also has a 9-5 job and puts every penny back into the kids and her horses.

if she were to win this grant, she plans to use the money for improvements to her stable, equipment that would make it easier to run her stable on her own and special harnesses that would make it safer for her therapeutic riders.

I would be so appreciative if you would go to this website and vote for her business. I'm not sure if this clicky will take to to a page where you can vote or if it will direct you back to the the home page. If it does, please search of for "Pretty Pony Pastures."

Hopefully, at least 100 of you will help give this woman an opportunity to have her story heard. Thank you for reading this far.

Updated clicky info:

When I posted the link, it took you to a facebook page with personal info, so I deleted it.

please go to this site


and then type or paste Pretty Pony Pastures into the "search for business" box.

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