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This may be a dumb question...

Good Morning ladies!

 This may be a dumb question, But i was wonder if it is ok to color my hair before i go in for IUI? I wanted to color my hair this weekend. My iui would take place till monday or tuesday.

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Re: This may be a dumb question...

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    No harm BEFORE the IUI especially since an embryo wouldn't even implant for 5 days or so.
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    I read on my dr's website thst it's ok to color your hair through out your entire pregnancy. My hair dresser did hers and her 5 year old is just fine. 
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    Sony22Sony22 member

    It's supposed to be safe but I've read that if you're worried about it, then only do foil highlights. Since that doesn't touch the scalp as much, there is less absorption of chemicals.

    I've got my hair nearest to its natural color too. It's so boring!

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