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Yeast infection on bottom

My 11 week old son has had a yeast infection on his bottom since he was 2 weeks old. We have been through 2 pediatricians and a pedi center doctor. He has been on 7 different types of meds to get rid of it. It went away for 5 days but it came back. At this point I am about to give up and switch pediatricians again. The skin on his bottom is so broken down that it now has open sores and bleeds. 

Has anyone else had to deal with this before? If so, what worked? Please help. I am freakishly stressed over this.  

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Re: Yeast infection on bottom

  • aciaacia
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    I've been dealing with a persistent yeast rash as well... Not sure if you're doing this already, but one thing my doc told me that I've been doing is to not use wipes of any kind at all (unless it's a poopy diaper). Try to change the diaper after every pee (or every couple hours) and just keep applying more ointment, layering it on top of the previous application. Then put a layer of zinc over top. At night put a huge amount of cream on. If the skin is broken it's especially important to stop wiping because it just makes it so raw and irritated making it harder to heal.

    I've been doing this for a few days it's finally starting to clear up (after about 2 weeks of dealing with it).

    Good luck - I know it can be stressful!

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  • I would also expose his bum to as much air as possible.  Lay a bunch of towels under him so he can lay naked for a bit to allow the skin to dry really well between diaper changes.   Good luck!
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  • Expose his bottom to sunlight, if you can. Yeast HATES sunlight!
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