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Triple girls!

We have picked them! Here's a link to the post, if you want to see what we picked!


Ali and Sgt. Bryer

Re: Triple girls!

  • That is a baby name obsesser's (like myself) DREAM!!! haha

    If I had 3 triplet girls right now I would name them:

    Malia, Ava & Ryley

    If I were doing all one letter it would be:

    Malia, Madelyn & Macie

    Other suggestions:

    Alyssa, Ayla, Alexis, Alaina, Audrey, Adrianna, Carly, Chloe, Kayla, Kaelyn, Lauren, Leah, Layla, Natalia, Olivia, Rylynn, Sienna


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  • What is your sense of style? What names do you like? A few would be helpful. =]


    Lily, Rosemary, & Violet

    Rosalie, Veda, & Catherine 

    Marie, Elizabeth, & Holly

    Giselle, Melanie, & Rebecca

    Kristen, Julie, & Celeste

    Natasha, Clara, & Harmony

    Eve, Vanessa, & Ava

    Piper, Sicily, & Priscilla

    Allison, Ellie, & Isabella  

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  • Margaret (Maggie), Lucy, Elizabeth (Betty)

    Bernadette (Birdie), Georgiana (Gigi), Elizabeth (Betty)

    Fiona, Maeve, Aileen

    Violet, Fern, Iris

    Lorraine, Bernadette, Eleanor

    Ramona, Veronica, Magdalena

    Mary, Lucy, Joan

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  • Congrats! My top 3 names right now are Amelia, Cordelia and Scarlett. Others near the top, Evangeline, Matilda, Sydney, Eliza and Genevieve.

    Good luck!

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  • Genevieve, Margaret, and Agnes

    Veve , Molly and Aggie for nn

  • Vivienne Reese

    Evangeline Riley

    Evelynne Rose 

  • I think I have a similar style as you.  These are my current faves for girls:

    Meredith, Genevieve, Elizabeth, Caroline, Eleanor, Natalie, Eloise, Estella, Nora



  • That is so amazing!  Congratulations!  This really would be awesome since I have so many names picked out on a list.  Here are our top two full girl names and some other names that we like:

    Alice Piper

    Melinda Camille

     Corinne, Lena, Winifred, Willa, Felicity, Cecily, Genevieve, Rosalie, Phoebe, Penelope, Colette, Vera, Pearl

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  • How fun! My favorites now are Anna, Elizabeth/Libby, Josephine/Josie, and Mae.

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  • Betty, June and Ruby. 
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  • I went to the SSA website to the year 1922 (since you said you like names from the 20s). Here's what I came up with!

    Mary, Ruth, Alice

    Evelyn, Lillian, Catherine

    Frances, Louise, Eleanor

    Hazel, Beatrice, Gloria

    I could keep going. I love the 1920s lists. :)

    Congrats, and good luck choosing!

    Our sweet girl is 3!

    Lilypie - (R7Ux)

  • Ada, Delia, and Ruby

     Alice, Claire, and Evelyn

     Audrey, Charlotte and Nora

     Colleen, Mae and Anna

  • Eleanor, Charlotte, Katherine, Ava, Cora, Rosalie, Grace, Elizabeth, Audrey, Hazel.
  • My triplet, girl trifecta:

    Primrose, Rosemary, Marigold

    Botanical, eight letters, each leads into the next, older names. Depending on your taste, these could be bold/adventurous first names or excellent, hidden gem middle names.

    How about first names you love and middle names that tie together - not overly obnoxious when it comes to multiples.

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  • Congrats! I have triplet nieces named Evangelina, Vivienne and Juliana. My DD's name (Josephine) fits well with that group. Our other two top names were Cecilia and Francesca. 
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  • Congrats!

    My favorites right now are Eleanor, Violet, Eloise, Rosalie, Isla, Lillian and Evelyn. 

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  • Gemma, Britta, and Maren
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