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Sorry for the delayed response...life has been kinda crazy around here. Thank you so much for your sweet response to my intro a couple of days ago. It's nice to know I'm not alone. I'll definitely take you up on your offer of PM'ing you when I feel overwhelmed. Your DD is adorable! Looking forward to getting to know you and the other CF moms (as well as the other special needs' moms on here) better! Smile
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  • I posted to your post below, but I am also a CF mama. Welcome.
  • I think I missed your post, but I'm a CF mama too!  :)
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker Emergency ileostomy 11/28/10, CF dx on 12/3/10 and ileostomy takedown 1/24/11, feeding tube placed 7/1/11...still going strong! Little one lost 5w5d, 5/27/2012. CP 8/26/2012
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