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CP kiddo with hip dislocation. Advice pls?

Hi My friend has a daughter who is 10 years old with CP.  She has significant delays.  She was just potty trained this year, is almost non communicative, with the occassional grunt sounds to express what she wants and an occassional sign language sign. She walks with the assistance of a walker and braces on her legs. A few months ago she fell and dislocated her hip.  She was seen by ortho and they basically put it back in and sent her on her way.  So it keeps popping out and they have taken her to several orthos and different specialists who are saying that because she has CP, there is no point in doing a replacement.  The only option was basically to keep her on pain meds the rest of her life and let her "deal" with the pain of that.  She had an eval thru Shriners hospital and they basically said they couldn't help her.  Has anyone encountered this before? Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I can tell them to contact for help.  They are very discouraged and don't have the funds to do things out of insurance, which is state insurance. Any help I can pass onto them would be great. TIA.

Re: CP kiddo with hip dislocation. Advice pls?

  • I don't have advice (yet) because this is currently not an issue with DS2 (2.5yr with CP). I belong to a Yahoo group called cerebralpalsymoms. Your friend is welcome to join (it is free) and post the situation there. I rarely post there but it is a great support place to ask questions and advice and there is also a good age range for the kids.

    Sorry I am not of more help. I do have a question though. What is the reasoning, exactly, that everyone saying they can't help?  I only ask because I haven't dealt with this issue.

  • Thanks for your response.  They basically have told her that her daughter isn't worth the time and that it may not be a successful surgery.  It breaks my heart that people, many people, are telling a parent that they don't think their child is worth it.  How could anyone say this.  I will definately pass on your recommendation to her.  Thanks.
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  • I'm sorry your friend is in such a tough situation.  I'm not familiar with CP but my DD has spina bifida, and hip dislocation is very common.  Over on baby center . com there are lots of groups with more specific special needs.  I would encourage your friend to check out that site to see if there is a CP board, or she's welcome to ask on the spina bifida kids board. 

    It totally breaks my heart that some people don't think a child is worth the help they need.  I hope your friend finds the support that she (and her child) need.

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