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Thoughts please

I am 32 weeks pregnant with twins. Last night I started to feel REALLY uncomfprtable because both babies decided to camp out on my left side leaving my stomach seriously lopsided. I couldnt sleep all night and couldnt get comfortable enough for a nap today. All day my stomach just felt really heavy, like a big sandbag. Just now I got up to go to the bathroom and looked at my stomach in the mirror and I have 2 huge divets under my bra line, almost like my stomach is so heavy that its sucking me in at my ribs (I hope that makes sense). Im feeling terribly uncomforrable and not cant tell if I am having BH or if the boys are up in my ribs. My fear is possible pre term labor so wanted to get some thoughts. I have a call in to the doctor and am just trying to breathe through it right now. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas. Thanks!
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Re: Thoughts please

  • I understand what you mean about the divots under your bra line, I had that too. But I carried my pregnancy really low the whole time. 

    Hopefully this is just the normal uncomfortableness that comes with having two babies in there. I felt like I couldn't breath most of the time, and sleeping was nearly impossible.

    Not to scare you, but... When I did go into preterm labor at 31 weeks I had no idea at first, I wasn't feeling any worse than normal. My belly looked the same as always too. Even having been through labor before I didn't recognize it. Luckily my OB noticed at a regular appointment and sent me right to the hospital. They were able to stop it.  

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  • Thank you for the feedback. The dr kind of just laughed at me when I told her and said its just positional and gave me a few pointers. I guess just having felt so good to this point it caught me off guard. I think the discomfort switch just turned on at 32 weeks. Thankfully they are giving me (some) reprieve right now but I'm right there with you with not being able to breathe. Fun! :)

    That is scary about the preterm labor!! That's my fear. I don't have another appt for a week and a half so just hoping and praying all is well until then. Thanks again!  

    Fraternal twin boys born at 33 weeks 4 days Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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