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Feeling a little lonely

Just feeling a little lonely today. Maybe because it's Friday and I have no weekend plans except maybe to see a movie with my nephew and to finally get some sleep. Any plans for your weekend?
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Re: Feeling a little lonely

  • I'm feeling lonely too. I find since my breakup I dread weekends, solely because I don't have anyone to hang out with most of the time. All my weekend plans were made with the ex, so I'm not in the habit of finding stuff to do solo. Not to mention, I'm pregnant and tired. I made myself make plans with friends all this weekend, so that should be good for sanity purposes. I hope you find some comfort and fun in your weekend!
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  • That's how I was too. I spent all my time on the weekends with the ex and I don't have many friends around to hang out with. One of my best friends that I used to hang out with a lot moved out of state a year ago and haven't really found anyone to hang out with like that again.
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  • Working, working, working! ( Oh and homework mixed in with  Blue's Clues marathons with my  young nephews)
  • I had a crummy day today too :(  BD and I have been broke up for 5 weeks now and it happened on a saturday so every frickin saturday morning I wake up and re-live the moment I went to his house to get mine and my kids things and I found him in bed with some lil homewrecker...needless to say I saw RED and "crazy pregnant chick hormones" took over, as it was only the day after he told me he wanted a break :/

    Today I kind of had a realization that I'm doing this alone..I have 3 kids from a previous relationship of 13 yrs, my oldest son lives with his dad 4 hrs away and I have the 10 and 7 yr olds. They make me smile n laugh but I still get my moments. Things will get better and tomorrow is another day.. I keep telling myself that anyways lol

    Keep ur chin up love :)

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  • Ugh, to actually catch him in bed with someone else. We broke up on a Saturday too and I think the association is also with that day of the week. Hope your weekend was good nonetheless and that your week is even better.
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