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Postpartum Depression


I am just starting to lurk over here a bit. I started admitting I even had PPD just over a month ago. I am not on any meds right now. I started having discussion and writing first to see if that made a difference. It's been huge. And I had a huge outpouring from my family in support. I told my mom I feel approximately 72% better :)  There are definitely still some super tough days but its getting a lot better. 

So Hi. And I hope to post in her a bit more and offer some support and definitely get some :) 

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    Are you in counseling or just talking to your family and writing on your own? I think that is great that you have found an outlet in writing to help you vent out your frustrations and that you have a support system in your family. I talk to my husband about things and he is really supportive but I feel weird about it, like they would judge me or something :-/  Anyway hi, nice to meet you and glad to hear things are getting better! 

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