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twins movement question

My twins are in their own living quarters.  When I first felt them moving it was on either side of my belly button.  Now it seems to be maybe one on top of the other. My question is can they move to other locations in there?  
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Re: twins movement question

  • They can! Mine are in a different place every time I go to the Dr.  They were on top of each other for quite a while then at my last appt they were next to each other.  They'll probably keep changing positions until they run out of room to move.
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  • Oh yes- and within minutes! My MFM said it best- imagine two bags filled with water thrown into a pool- that is what's going on in your belly they go all over! I'm 33 weeks and they will move in on sonogram appt!
  • this makes me happy.  I thought I was crazy because I couldn't feel them the way I used
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  • I didn't know they could move...mine were in the same positions at 16 and 20 week scans.  But here's my question:

    If Baby A is always the one closest to the cervix, and they change positions, is that no longer Baby A?  It seems like they would always call Baby A by that name regardless of position, but I don't know. 

  • Surreal. My OB said to me the other day, "Dude, are you still so shocked?? you're like an apartment building!" The idea that there are even two babies in there is still just weird and crazy to me. That you should even HAVE a Baby B in there just boggles the mind!
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