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I'm back

I popped on here about a month ago seeking advice and encouragement from you ladies, but then I chickened out on kicking my STBXH out, and I also didn't post on here.  Well now we are officially separated, I have filed for divorce and I also have a temp PFA, which we have a hearing for tomorrow.

I feel so dizzy and confused about how much stuff is going on, and the money I have to spend on a lawyer (after my STBXH cleaned out my bank account so I have nothing to pay for it!).  This is so overwhelming and I just can't wait to be on the other side of things.  I'd do anything to speed up this process and be done with it and him.

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Re: I'm back

  • Sorry you have to go through this. I'm 14 weeks and going to be a single mom too. Hope we can find support from each other as we go through this.
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  • Hugs. I'm sorry it didn't work out. Breaking whilst pregnant really sucks. I've been on both of it, and neither is a picnic. I wish you luck tomorrow. Just remember, your hormones are all over the place, and stress can send your morning sickness over the edge. Also, you need to find as many ways to relieve stress as possible.
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