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Baby Sign Language Classes

Hi all!


Achievement Learning out in Scottsdale is offering 4-week baby sign language classes for parents and babies aged 7 months and up! It uses songs and games to teach babies to communicate. It even comes with a home kit to practice and learn at home! The whole program is run by a pediatric speech therapist.

Call 480-247-2070. 

Re: Baby Sign Language Classes

  • My sis in law is deaf,, and my mom went to college to be an interpreter.. We have used sign with both of our boys and it is an awesome way to communicate.  I also use to do hair for a family with a deaf sister so the neices and nephews were taught sign and it was so fun to watch them communicate with their aunt.   Its a beautiful language.
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  • I spent 6 years working with ASL interpreter's and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community- and am so grateful for the skills I picked up.  My daughter signs and it's so wonderful to get to communicate with her already so clearly.
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