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Lightning Crotch at 18 1/2 weeks?

Sorry if this is TMI.... But every now and again, I get this sharp shooting pain in the vaginal area.  It feels like its shooting from the inside out.  I have been feeling plenty of flutters as of yesterday, and into today.  I have heard of lightning crotch, but I didn't know if it was too early for that?!?

Anyone else experience this so early....or could it be something else? 

Mr. Oliver Terrence


Re: Lightning Crotch at 18 1/2 weeks?

  • Not too early.  I had lightning crotch around 12 weeks-15 weeks here and there.  It's stopped though.  You can get it at any point in your pregnancy. 
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  • This feels different than lightning crotch to me.  But I know what you are feeling.  I have been feeling it since week 14.  Feels like period cramps to me.. slightly but a little weirder.  I drink water and lay down and it helps a lot.. 
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  • It defiantly doesn't feel like period cramps.  It feels like someone is taking a sharp object, or a lightning rod to my cervix area.  It last about 2 seconds then goes away.  I don't have it all the time, just a couple times a day, if that, and then back to normal.  From what I have read on Dr. Google, its lightning crotch.  LOL
    Mr. Oliver Terrence

  • I have it too. Had it pretty often earlier in pregnancy. Then it went away for a few weeks. Now I've been feeling it off and on a few times since last week.
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  • ive had this sin 10 maybe  12 weeks but i still have it my doc says its part of RLP and its because when things are streching down there they can strech(sp?) from the inner labia to the top of your tummy just another of those awesome pregnancy sympton. but if it gets unbearible or constant or is followed with bleeding, i would call your doc. good luck and have fun!
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  • I get it too, on a pretty regular basis.  And it's been happening for awhile now.  
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