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intro and question

HI!  I am on the July 2012 board, but this is the first time I've posted here.  I had my preemie (Aiden) on June 10-he was due July 15.  This little boy is super healthy-we went home like any normal baby even though he weighed only 4lbs 3 oz at birth.  He's gained at least an ounce a day since then.  Super baby!

My question is this:  he's been very fussy when eating (I give him a mixture of breast milk and formula as I don't have enough to feed him solely on breastmilk-since I had a reduction on both breasts and was told I would not be able to BF, ha! to that doctor) and I wonder if he doesn't have enough lactase in his system to digest lactose.  I read on kellymom and other sites that he probably isn't "lactose intolerant" per say, but some preemies don't have enough lactase in their bodies to digest.  Has anyone else's preemie have this problem?  His tummy gets very distended and he does the arching back/screaming thing for a while (usually 20 min).  After he passes gas/poops, he is fine. 

Also, out of curiosity, what color is your preemie's poop (Aiden is about 3 weeks if that helps).  His is almost orange now.  

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Re: intro and question

  • Both of my sons were preemies (35 and 34 weeks) and had/have issues with lactose sensitivity.  DS#1 could only tolerate Similac Sensitive (which is lactose free), but had grown out of it by the time he was 1 and moved on to whole cows' milk.  DS#2 seems to be doing well on Enfamil Gentlease (so far) after being completely miserable on Neosure once he hit 6 weeks old.  

    What formula are you supplementing with?  It might be worth trying a different one.  For us, the Gentlease helped almost immediately!

     Good luck!  Mary 

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  • Congratulations on the birth of your little guy. It sounds like he's doing really well and it's wonderful that you were able to bring him from with no nicu time. It sounds like he may have reflux, but I'm not really an expert. I would talk to your pedi about that. As for the color poop, normally breast feed babies have yellow, seedy poop. Formula fed babies tend to have greenish poop (at least mine does).





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