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So DW and I spent almost 6 hours in the ER last night because I suddenly started bleeding really heavily last night. I had spotting from about 6-9 weeks, but nothing like this. I called my midwife on call and she said to go to the ER. Of course, we were super freaked out. 

 The good news, after hours of waitingm is the baby was fine and moving around and everything looked normal. They just can't tell me why it's happening! I'm on bed rest until the end of the week and the bleeding is tapering off a bit. I can't keep going through this without any clue what is causing it.  Has anyone else had this? Questions I should ask the DR to help figure out what is causing it? They've done blood work, ultrasound after ultrasound, and everything comes back normal. Ahh!

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Re: Bleeding

  • I had a subchorionic bleed at 12w (as did a lot of women I know) and had to go to the ER. Thankfully, it resolved itself after a weekend of bedrest and I went on to have a completely uneventful pregnancy and delivered twins at 37+ weeks.

    Hopefully, it is nothing and it resolves soon. :) Good luck!

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  • I had an SCH, too, like 2brides. Mine was a little earlier, from 8w to 10w, if I'm remembering correctly. It is scary as heck! Drink lots of water and rest, rest, rest. My Dr put me on bedrest for 4-5 days, but until it was totally resolved I basically just went to work, came home, got in bed and stayed there until it was time to go to work the next morning.

    Here's hoping it resolves quickly with no negative effects!

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  • DW bled around that time too, super scary and all you can do is rest and water.

    My bestie is preggo with twins, and had a blood clot from all the fertility drugs, and had heavy bleeding from 12-20w- super scary but everyone is ok.

    Good luck, I would talk to as many people as possible to make sure you feel that you are doing everything. You have every right to be the crazy pregnant lady! 

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    I had a really large SCH and, as a result, I had bleeding on and off throughout my pregnancy. It didn't affect J, though, and I delivered him at 39 weeks. Try to be as calm as possible (easier said than done - I was super nervous every time it happened). Good luck!
  • My friend had this up to 14 weeks, she said it was heavier than a period, and really scared her. Good news is she is now 39 weeks pregnant, and happy and healthy. The doctor told her that it was fairly common, and like you had her rest up for a few days.


    Take it easy and all the best of luck for a healthy pregnancy :) 

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    I bled from 5-13 weeks...mostly lightly, but had several heavy episodes with clots.  Each time I was scared out of my mind.  No cause was ever found - though I do have one fibroid and that could be related.  Then, it just stopped.  I practically had weekly ultrasounds for a while.  Needless to say, all was fine and Ben is a thriving nine month old now.  But it was so scary so my heart goes out to you.  I did also have long post partum bleeding - no totally over for 11 weeks.  I have no idea if that is related. 

  • Thanks for all of the posts! It is strangely comforting to know that I'm not the only one this has happened to. This is the best forum!
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  • Our son's placenta had a subchorrionic bleed from 6 weeks til about 16 weeks. Our MFM told us it was a threatened miscarriage and I was on bedrest from 6 weeks til 33 weeks when his membranes rupture (from the bleeding).  Many ppl experience bleeding in pregnancy, it is more common with IVF, and multiples.  I wish you all the best, I know this is a terribly stressful time.  If you need to talk with anyone, let me know.  You and baby are in our prayers. 
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