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Single (sort of) Working mom group in Dallas?

I posted this in the Dallas section already but no one responded.  I hesitated to post it in single parents because I'm not really single, but I do live the life of a single parent most of the time.  I don't claim to understand fully what a "real" single parent deals with on a day to day basis, but I am usually alone and would love to meet some people who are going through something similar. 

I am married, but my husband works in New Jersey, so I am raising our daughter by myself 95% of the time.  He's home every other weekend.  I am also pregnant with number 2 (oops), and I have a full time job as an attorney so I am generally pretty busy.  However, I would love to join or create a group for moms or dads who are similarly situated and would like to have play dates, visits, dinners, or anything really.  Very few of my friends have children, and my family is in Florida so I am really on my own.  Anyone else out there looking for something like this?

Re: Single (sort of) Working mom group in Dallas?

  • You could try military families.
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  • Google Dallas and you will find groups of moms that get together with other moms and have playdates! I know a few ladies that do this in the Dallas area and love it. You might find single moms on there too.
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