TTC after 35

My Stupidness continues....have to finish what I started, I guess.

As Per my most recent post about POAS way to early (7dpiui & 8dpt)...well obviosly I had to continue what I had unfortunately now 2 days later I am still peeing on things, sometimes twice a day....I am still have very faint 2nd lines on FRER. By faint I mean, it is there within 3 min. but you really have to look to see it......

I just wish I hadn't started this mess, its way to easy to get caught up in all the hoping!

So.....I will continue to drive myself bat a$$ crazy until AF shows. (according to my SO, bat a$$ crazy isnt that far

I know...I need to just walk away from the sticks...easier said than done at this point. :(

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Re: My Stupidness continues....have to finish what I started, I guess.

  • Come on , BSC is a fun place!  Stick out tongue

    I know that it is hard to walk away from the sticks once you start and that your eyes can start playing tricks on you.  Hang in there, you'll get a solid answer soon (hopefully not by AF showing up).

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  • I say, go ahead and indulge the crazy, it'll probably make you feel better than trying to suppress it at this point. :)  I hope those 2 lines stay put!
    Me - 38 DH - 38 DD - 2 pregnancy
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  • Crazy is all part of it I guess- GL to you!! FX!
  • You might as well keep POAS if there's no AF. Pee away, sister, pee away!
    "Don't look back, you can never look back." - Don Henley
  • No shame in poas a stick in my book that's for sure. You'll know either way very soon, I hope the time passes quickly for you! For reference, I've had trigger test out at 10dp and 11dp respectively and then got a bfp the next day so you never know..


    nate and teddy
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  • Well I haven't been through anything yet that would give me a positive but I totally would be obsessively POAS.  Good luck!
    Me: 35 FSH 13.5 AMH 0.43(RE not concerned?) DH: 37-Super Sperm TTC since April 2011 NTNP since 2005 IUI #1 7/28 150 Bravelle/Menopur, Trigger CD 8 4 Follies 21, 18, 15, 12, Post Wash: 190Million Sperm 91% Motility=BFN IUI #2 8/25 225 Bravelle/150 Memopur, Trigger CD 11 Follies 23, 22, 18, 16 (E2 1640) 197Million swimming in the right direction Praying for a BFFMiracle
  • I actually threw away all of my tests the other day. I started POAS way before it would have even showed & it set my mood for the day. Finally something told me enough is enough & I tossed them.
    TTC since 2006 3 Fertility Clinics Test, Pills & Injectables....oh my. Numerous failed IUI's 7 or 8 or more? IVF #1 June 2012 ~ praying this is the only one ER 6/13/12 - 13 ret, 7 fertilized, 7 progressing, ET 6/15/12, BFN & No freeze babies. Onto IVF #2 in October 2012. No, wait, body not cooperating. IVF #2 in November 2012 IVF #2 Began Provera in Sept to make me start. Never started. I O'd on my own??? 2 weeks of BCPs. Period. Baseline & Labs 10/25 Stims started 10/26 ~ 225 Follistim in the am. 150 Bravelle & 5 Lupron in pm. Trigger 11/4, ER 11/6, ET 11/9 - 2 great embies. 3 Freezebabies. Beta 11/23/2012 BFN. Now what??? I don't know if I can keep going? Daisypath Anniversary tickers I know the Lord would put a strong desire in my heart if it wasn't meant to be. - Isaiah 41:10
  • Tough call there - I can argue both sides.  I say if you have the tests go ahead and do it.  But if you are out of tests then just wait.
    Me 39 & suspected PCOS, DH 42. Went off BCP when we got married in 11/11, seriously TTC since 3/12.  Six cycles of clomid = BFNs.  Suspected endometriosis & HSG showed both tubes blocked.  Sept 2013 IVF 5D transfer of two perfect embryos = BFN.  Started acupuncture and taking time off to drop some pounds & get healthier before FET in April 2014.
  • When is Beta?





    6/20/11 mc @ 5wks
    10/19/11 mc @ 17wks- Trisomy 18
    IUI #1 4/26/12 BFN
    Moving on to IVF in July
    37 with DOR...fabulous
    ER 7/14/12 6R 5F, ET 7/17 3 embies, beta #1 7/26: 147, beta #2 7/28: 326, beta#3 7/30: 422...ugh, beta#4 7/31: 607...hopeful, beta #5 8/2: 1280, beta #6 8/7: 7184 and u/s shows 1 possibly 2 sacs! 8/14 2 beautiful heartbeats! 9/24 we are TEAM BLUE!!!!!

  • imagemrsjami:
    When is Beta?

    It isn't until Monday. Had a bfn this a.m. on a Dollar Store test. So I am guessing the FRER was still picking up the Ovidrel. If I was a betting woman......

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