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Well I was offically put on bedrest today.   I knew I should have expected it but since everything has been so smooth I thought for sure I would be one of those twin mommies who made it till the end with no problems.   My cervical length went from 3.7 - which is great, to 1.2 in a month.  So bedrest it is.    I know it's what is best for the babies but every know and then my hormones get the best of me and I feel very defeated.  Almost like I've failed.  I know that is not the case at all and I can luckily tell myself to stop the pity party.   At least the babies are both growing great and are the same size.  Now we just need to keep them in there a little longer.    I went from monthly visits right into weekly - twice a week if you count that I am not starting to see the specialist too, lol.
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Re: Bedrest

  • I'm sorry you were put on bedrest, but if it keeps those babies in longer it is for the best. I hope you find enough to keep you occupied.

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  • Oh no, that sucks. You absolutely haven't failed! You've made it to almost 28 weeks with no major problems. You are doing an amazing job! 
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  • Dont feel like a failure, its all going to be just fine!! All that matters is you keep those sweet babies inside as long as possible!!  Good luck and keep us posted!!
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  • I'm right a long with you. I got put on bedrest 3 weeks ago. It's rough but in the end if we can make it to atleast 32 weeks we've made a huge victory. Just keep telling yourself it's all worth it in the end. 
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    Oh no, that sucks. You absolutely haven't failed! You've made it to almost 28 weeks with no major problems. You are doing an amazing job! 

    All of this. You're doing a great job, Mama! Hang in there and keep those LOs baking.

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  • Thanks everyone!   I had a few hours of pity party but now I want to try to just make the best of this and take it like a champ, lol.  Maybe now that I am on bedrest I can get rid of my newbie status.    I am not one for sitting still so this will be a learning experience but with an awesome reward at the end.   Thanks for the support and to all the other twin mommies - hang in there guys- we can do this!
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  • I'm sorry that you got put on bedrest. You haven't failed at anything. You are doing a great job. Take this time to read and watch movies because those activities really the back burner once you have the little ones. Hopefully they will keep baking away. GL! You can do this.  

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