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My funny/mortifying morning sickness story...share yours!!!

Felt great this morning.  Had a little lunch around 1 and about four went to the  supermarket.  they have a prepared foods sections and I was hungry so I got something small.  I couldn't even make it to the bathroom and vomited into a embarrassing! I was completely mortified, but kind of giggled to myself...I think I need to carry around a barf bag!!!


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Re: My funny/mortifying morning sickness story...share yours!!!

  • I had a pretty miserable pregnancy. Thankfully I'm one of those people who can tell when I'm gonna spew, so I never did it when I wasn't prepared.

    HOWEVER, when I was about 9 weeks pregnant, I decided to go to the Labor Day sale at the Carter's store.  I shopped (for too long) without eating (for too long) and then waited in a line (for too long)...

    I fainted.

    It was AWFUL. I caught myself on the counter, but the poor girls working the store were terrified.


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  • I had morning sickness pretty much until I delivered. Like PP, I got to where I could tell it was going to happen. I learned really fast to pee before I puked, lol. I was in Subway, at my office, when SD showed up to get breakfast. The stress of the whole thing was too much for my hormonal self and I started crying in the Subway. Had to walk out and around the corner for a few minutes to get a hold of myself. 
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