6 Weeks Pregnant

Can I join?

Hi ladies,

 I'm just hit the 6 week mark and I'm so glad I found you ladies that are in the same week as I am.  We just had a loss in April and it was very early on in the pregnancy so after that, I am more concerned then ever with this pregnancy.  I went in for blood work last week but my first appt isnt until July 19 which feels like light years from now.  Over the weekend I noticed some brown spotting which of course freaked me out but so far i"m trying to remain calm but it is so hard.

Re: Can I join?

  • Hi, I just joined myself.I just said i need to calm down and relax my friend had spotting during her pregnancy after miscarrying just like yourself and she has a healthy baby. I just found out im 6 weeks pregnant. with my first Im freaking out but excited at the same time but now im thinking oh no what if something happens weird I suddenly fell in love with this lil jumping bean today when the doctor confirmed it. I have to call the ob tomorrow to sched my first prenatal
  • I'm in the six weeks mark too! Today was the first real day with morning (all day) sickness. We had a loss last year and are so excited for this pregnancy! I had my 1st OB appointment on Thursday. Everything was great and I even got to hear the heartbeat. It is hard staying clam and trying to relax, but I just keep thinking this time it's right!


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  • Im so happy for you :) I cant wait to get seen by the OB just so I know that everything is ok. Take care of yourself and the little one...
  • You are lucky you had your OB apt. Already! I have to wait another two weeks...this is my first pregnancy. Are you having any other symptoms?
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