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How was your weekend?

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  • Friday - worked late, stopped to buy my favorite low budget tacos, and helped gray put together his Lego helicopter.

    Saturday - I felt like it took forever to get on the road with the kids. But our timing worked out great and everyone arrived in Philly about the same time! :) We had a great day playing on the playground, riding the carousel, eating lunch, swimming, having cocktails, and a mini pizza party in our room!

    Sunday - the kids slept in (evidently I need to make their bedroom into a cave!) After breakfast, we headed to the zoo. The boys and I needed to leave a bit early since we were meeting L half way for a late lunch. Had lunch and stopped at the grocery store. I got home with the kids and hit a wall around 7pm where I wanted to do nothing more than to do nothing. Got the kids to bed, but Carter was up multiple times crying for L (very unusual for him.) I slept horribly and Carter was up again at 5:55am crying for L again. I have every appendage crossed that he isn't getting sick (he gets uncharacteristically emotional when he is about to get sick.)

     We had a great time in Philly - although I am sad I didn't get to spend more time hanging out and chatting with people. Perhaps next year it should be a 2 night adventure!!! :)

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  • I think we might be a little crazy for the weekend we planned and executed, but it worked out well.

    Friday night was spent getting packed and ready to go.

    Saturday morning we drove to Philly, stopped at a market a friend of B's told us we couldn't go to Philly without seeing, and then met up with the bumpie group.  We enjoyed the park, lunch, swimming, cocktail hour, and pizza party.  It was fun to meet everyone!  I was a little nervous being the only family without kids (yet) but it worked out pretty well, though I wish I'd had more time to talk and I wish we had a toddler to make friends with all of yours!  After dinner we got back in the car and ended up driving all the way to Virginia.

    Sunday we joined B's friend and two of her friends for brunch (How do we always end up at all-you-can-drink brunch when I am in the 2ww???), went to see the MLK Jr. monument, and then spent the afternoon hanging out playing some games and chatting.  Around dinner time we climbed back into the car and drove home, which took longer than I wanted it to.  B realized at some point that in the past two weeks we have driven through 9 states plus DC for weekend trips (i.e. a trip north to MA and this trip south to DC). 

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  • LV1979LV1979 member

    Friday:  A nice quiet night in with DW.

    Saturday:  Was AWESOME!!!!  We went to dinner, to see the play BENT, and then had a late night frozen yogurt at our favorite place.  It was just a fantastic date night!

    Sunday:  We were going to go see a movie and landed at the new casino with my Mom and Granny. We all lost our small amounts of money except for my 80 year old Granny who won enough to take us all to dinner and still had some left over.  LOL!!!

    We had three BFN in the Fall of 2011. It is back on to some baby making come June. Swim little fellas, SWIM!!!!
  • Friday I was supposed to clean but I sat on the couch and fell asleep right after M got home...oops.

    Saturday I made homemade blueberry pancakes.  We then took M's truck for an oil change and then met up with the friends for lunch.  After lunch we walked around the mall for a bit and then headed home.  Saturday night M's brother came over to help us with a big furniture move.  I fell asleep about 8pm on the couch.  

    Sunday we got up and moved to the couch.  We were both reading. I took a nap around lunch time and then went to the store to get our lunches and dinner for the week.  I then grilled some steaks for dinner.  

    I got the relaxing weekend I wanted.  I just wish I wasn't so tired all the time.

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  • Friday: It poured here, so there was no lawn mowing to be done. I grabbed some happy hour wine and dinner and then went to see the locally filmed movie a friend had recommended and really enjoyed it.

    Saturday: Up early to meet the heating/A/C and plumbing guy for inspection at the house. Everything looks fine and he gave me some good pointers on things. After that I got ready and headed into the city. Both friends who were supposed to meet me pre-derby for drinks/food were running late, so I went by myself. We all met up at the arena for derby fun. Afterwards I went to one of the big Pride dances with one of my derby friends and met up with others. My derby friend and I had carpooled there in her car and she had wee bit too much fun. I had to drive her car back to mine and ensure she didn't drive home. I crashed at my other friend's house that night so I could stay in the city.

    Sunday: Up early for pre-parade breakfast at my gay boys' new place in the city. We all walked downtown to enjoy the parade. I spent the afternoon at the park with a friend wandering the pride booths, etc. and then headed for home. On my way home I ran into E and her dad so E ended up coming home with me. We grabbed groceries and made salmon for dinner, bath and called it a late night.

  • hlkehlke member

    AHHHHH, The Bump ate my weekend (post).

    Friday - Didn't feel well in the afternoon, so came home to nap, which delayed our departure for Backlot Bash, a lesbian block party-ish Pride event.  We left here around 8 pm for the Acoustic Night, and we really enjoyed the performances and the people watching, but it left us wishing we could make some GLBT friends in Chicago.

    Saturday - Up early for the Chicago Hunger Walk.  We walked with the organization I volunteer at and the turnout was great and we had a good time.  The director of the org sat with us at lunch and it was a nice chat.  Came home and took a nap, then woke up to do some work and run some errands.  C cooked dinner at her usual pace, so we ate at 10:30. Smile I love that woman, but I think we know who will be in charge of getting dinner at the table once we have kiddos.

    Sunday - I woke up VERY sick to my stomach, and spent most of the day in bed.  Felt a bit better in the afternoon, then came down with a fever.  Spent the evening feeling miserable, but my sweet wife cooked me dinner again (this one was done at 9!) and I was able to get some solid food into myself before returning to bed for fitful, fevery sleep.

    Today - combo sick day/work from home day.  I have a lot of balls in the air I have to keep moving, so I'm glad to have the option to WFH when I need it.

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  • hlkehlke member
    Oh yeah, and because I was sick, we skipped the Pride parade.  Sad to not make it, but there was just no way.
    Same sex couple TTC with donor sperm.  I am 35 and carrying.  Endometriosis and DOR.
    AMH 0.5, AFC 5-8, FSH 7ish

    IVF #1 - antagonist.  Empty follicle syndrome.  1 retrieved, 0 fertilized.
    IVF #2 - antagonist.  Ovulated early.  3 retrieved, 2 fertilized, 0 blasts
  • weekend was chaotic... and horrible ...

    S was having some crazy fever thing  it got high 103 and 104 went to ER but left b4 being seen per our cousin  who is a pediatrician and the NICU nurse we contacted .

     SO we went home and did cool bath and shower and brought it down. and meds and then it dropped and then went up but she was her happy self for most part no vomit no diarrhea ... so that was all weekendand she did not sleep ..

    and then M and I had a HUGE HUGE HUGE fight... UGG  


    anyhow it was horrible and 2nd parent adoption is Tormoow excited but since i sharedm y feeling with M re: her parents attending she now hold that over my head and I did invite them but here Dad just got out of rehab so they cant come  but now I will never hear the end of it ...

     UGG ... just so in a bad place and bad mood.

    and could the Judge say no ?????

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  • tdmklmtdmklm member

    Ups and downs... Most of the downs had to do with my darn ex-teeth.

    On Saturday, I officiated at a friend's wedding to her high school sweetheart. It was a really sweet ceremony, and the party was fantastic. I had to leave early because of my teeth. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    On Sunday, I took K out to dinner and Mamma Mia for her birthday (last Tuesday, right after my surgery). Of course, when I made the plan, I thought I'd be able to enjoy the dinner... Oh, well. The food - what little I could have of it - was fan-flippin'-tastic, and so was the show. I had a happy happy happy singing-along wife. This was the first time we had a baby-sitter with J (other than his nanny), and it went really well. SCORE! We can go on dates now!!!!!


  • Friday: Just finished with errands and baby crawling practice.  Wifey and I are looking forward to baby races once they get going;) The fireworks were wonderful, as per usual.  They did an amazing 25 minute show.  I just love hearing those big "BOOMS" as they echo into the night! The only ones that watched were DD, myself and DW.  It's great when everyone on our street brings out chairs and chills watching the show.  

    Saturday:  I was not feeling up to Pride.  Boo.  We grilled lunch and dinner and basically were pretty lazy which is VERY unusual for us.  DS had some kind of a reaction to something and had a little red baboon bum =( He did not eat anything different so we are at a loss as to what brought it on.  We went through way to many cloth nappies but it was worth it because I did not want the disposable to add to his irritation.  

    Sunday:  Had wonderful mediterranean food (Thanks 2moms for putting that idea in my head with those picks you posted of your wee ones grubbin' ) Came home, DW went in to take a nap and DD and I loaded up everyone for a walk to the park and a walk to the Dairy to get an ice cream cone.  We walked back through a lovely community garden that I love to check out.  I am always amazed how much these people can plant in such a small space.  I'm talking 2 levels of yummy goodness!

    Monday: Poor DS still has a red bum.  He is on a bland diet and still hardley any improvement.  =( Took everyone out for errands then a late lunch.  I  had a very bad allergic reaction to something I ate and ended up in the ER.  DW was pretty nervous because I kept saying I was fine, then my eyes swelled up like a cartoon character and started to get welts.  She kept listening to my lungs and insisted we go when I started wheezing.  (She is in the medical field so gave me a few things to combat the reaction, but it just wasn't enough)  Good news is I feel much better, no more itchies, and they gave me an epi pin to keep on hand.  Here it is 10 and I think DW and I can finally relax and have some soup.   

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  • Lazy weekend!! After having family staying with us for the past two weekend it was nice to do NOTHING! Last weekend was our DD's baptism. So we were entertaining a bunch of people!

    Friday: Watched movies and ordered in Pho. Yum! 

    Saturday: Made a big breakfast. Played with LO all morning. Ran some errands and ate dinner at a local BBQ. Our second time eating out with LO and she was great! 

    Sunday: Skipped church due to a rough night with little sleep. Played with DD and watched True Blood when she slept. 

    Our second wedding anniversary was Monday (yesterday) and we really enjoyed having a weekend to do nothing as a family. 


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