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Ts and Ps, please

Hey girls... Colorado could really use some of your positive juju /karma/ thoughts/   prayers right now.   And some slow, drenching rain storms.

I'm sure none of you have seen this in the news, but about 11,000 people have been evacuated in my area due to a massive wildfire that started yesterday and blew up to 2500 acres in about 12 hours.

Personally, we are okay for now since the fire would have to burn through a good chunk of Colorado Springs and the entire Air Force Academy and jump I-25 to get to our house.  But the smoke is horrible.  My eyes are burning like helll and sinuses are a mess.  Oh, and it's going to be windy and 100 degrees most of the week.

The scary thing.. this might be the work of a sick arsonist.  The neighboring county has had more than 20 small fires set in about the past week.  We are in the midst of a terrible, terrible drought and this place is a tinderbox. 

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Re: Ts and Ps, please

  • I hope that you stay very safe and inside.  Wildfires are terrible and I remember that Colorado is so dry even without a drought. 
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  • steverstever member
    I'm hoping Mother Nature helps you guys out soon, BB, and that the sicko that's responsible gets caught soon.
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  • You are in my thoughts and prayers....stay safe!
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  • mwdmwd member
    Stay safe, and we will all pray for rain, nice slow rain.  
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  • PeskyPesky member

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  • I will send all the good vibes I can.  It is sick that someone might have started this fire.  We have had horrific wildfires here in San Diego and it amazed me how quickly it could travel and jump freeways.  I hope they are able to contain it soon.
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  • T&P's sent. You can also take all the freakin' rain we're having too. A couple of communities near us are on flood alert. Can't win huh.

    And I did know about the fires (DH is volunteer fire, he notices). I feel for the guys trying to get the fire under control. The arsonist should be drawn and quartered.

  • You got it - I lived out west for 15 years or so and fires are scary, even the naturally started ones.
  • Thinking of you and hope you get some much needed rain soon!
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