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DD Sweet 16

DD turned 16 on the 21 of June. I can't believe I'm old enough to have a 16yo. Then, DS cries and I remember I have a teenager and a NB. Heaven help me!

All kidding aside, I'm really proud of my sunshine. Her father and I may not have woked out, but he's become one of my greatest friends. Together, we've raised on awesome kid...ok, mostly me, but he's been making up for lost time in the last 4 years. This has been the best and most fulfilling 16 years of my life. Every stage she has gone through has been more entertaining than the last. From the temper tantrum she threw when she couldn't get her "baby's" blanket wrinkle free to pulling out Excalibur at Disneyland to calling my sister a "Big Fat Evil Meanie Me-Me" to giggling at getting the adult jokes in a movie...it's been quite a ride.

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  • awww. congrats!  Having children turned out to be the most wonderful thing in the world, didn't it?  what an amazing ride it has been.
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  • steverstever member

    Happy birthday to your DD!

    And GTF outta town! June 21st is Summer Solstice and in Paris they have what's called Fete de la Musique, a huge music festival where they have musicians on every street corner.

    June 21st, 1996 I was in Paris and had one of the best nights of my life! There must have been something very special about that day Wink

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  • Aw congrats.  I know exactly how you feel about the stages. My DD just graduated high school and will be 18 in September.  It has definitely been the most amazing 18 years with her.  Enjoy the next 16 years. :)
  • That is so seriously awesome!!

     Happiest of birthdays to your daughter and congrats on your little one!Smile


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  • Congrats to you both! I was there last year with my son! Amazing how it seems like they were just newborns. Just remember the ride is not over yet! Soon it will be graduation from high school then college!
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