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Middle names that go with Hailey...

No sweet little ones for me, but trying to help out my (hopefully) soon to be niece. My sister-in-law is pregnant with her third and is hoping for a girl this time.

I know they have ruled out Sue, and Elizabeth.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Middle names that go with Hailey...

  • I knew a Hailey Marie growing up. Hailey Grace could also work
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  • Claire or Marie?
    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • A guilty pleasure middle name of mine is Belle.  I don't know if that is her style or not but I thought I would throw it out there.  If I have a girl, her name will be Mila Peri (after her father) but I am going to call her Mila Belle. (as a sort of nickname).  
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  • DH's cousin's name is Haleigh Jordan.
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  • FinkFink member
    My niece's name is Hailey and her mn is Lynn, which is my mother's mn, my SIL's mn and her mother's mn.  I think it flows really well.
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  • Nicole?

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  • Hailey Caroline

    Hailey Catherine

    Hailey Gabrielle

    Hailey Margaret 

    Hailey Colleen

    Hailey Josephine

    Hailey Rose

    Hailey Renee

    Hailey Olivia

    Hailey Scarlett

    Hailey Jane

    Hailey Jade

    Hailey Victoria

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  • Hailey Jane

    Hailey Rose

    Hailey Paige 

    Hailey Catherine

    Hailey Kate

    Hailey Brooke

    Hailey Christine

    Hailey Caroline

    Hailey Jade

    Hailey Amelia

    Hailey Pearl

    Hailey Reese

    Hailey Sage

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  • Hailey Rhea

    Hailey Sophia

    Hailey Jade 

  • My friend has a DD named Haylee Maye. I think it flows really well, although it is a little bit country :)
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  • Hailey Brooke 

    Hailey Anne

    Hailey Beth

    Hailey Jo

    Hailey Blair 

  • imageARJ11:
    I knew a Hailey Marie growing up. Hailey Grace could also work




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  • I know a Hailey Dawn...

    Hailey Anne

    Hailey Renee

    Hailey Lorraine

    Hailey Noelle

    Hailey Irene 

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  • Hailey Marie

    Hailey Leigh

    Hailey Rae

    Hailey Raine 

    Hailey Grace

    Hailey Anne

    Hailey Mae

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  • Hailey Jade
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  • My niece is Hailey Lynn. I think it goes nicely.

  • Hailey Noelle

    Hailey Jane

    Hailey Quinn

    Hailey Scarlett

    Hailey Elise

    Hailey Catherine

    Hailey Mae

    Hailey Caroline

    Hailey Charlotte

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