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How common...

is the name Liam?

Liam Dean | 09.11.12 | 6lbs 13oz

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Re: How common...

  • It is becoming more popular. My cousin named her son Liam and a few kids at DD's daycare are named Liam. Babycenter lists it as #36.
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  • BodoniBodoni member

    I know of 5 all under the age of 2... It was on our short list until it became overly popular - it's in the top five baby names in Ohio according to the SSA.   

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  • According to SSA, it's the 15th most popular boys name from 2011.


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  • We know two people in the last 3 years who named their sons Liam.
  • My little brother's middle name is Liam :) I love the name. It's getting popular but I don't think it's over used. 
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  • Sounds like it's becoming more common. Isn't there a kid in One Direction named Liam and one of the Hemsworth brothers (I think the guy who played Gabe in the Hunger Games)?

    p.s. I really don't follow pop culture that much. I just have a friend who is in social media and follows all that kinds of stuff. 

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