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Question about charting temps

Well, it's looking like this wasn't our month.    I was in my 2ww and this morning it is looking like the beginning of AF.  I am going to start charting temps this month but had a question.  In Taking Charge of Your Fertility it says to count CD1 as the first day of bright red flow. I typically have a day or so of dark, brownish discharge ( sorry for the tmi).  So I'm assuming that today wouldn't be CD 1 unless it changes to red flow?  I typically have pretty light periods.  Thanks to everyone for their help and advice!  I hope that the others in the 2WW had better success!

Re: Question about charting temps

  • That is how I would count it CD1. Good luck with your first month of charting.
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  • I agree. First day of full red flow.
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    I disagree-- I use the first day of decent flow, whether it's red or not. I rarely got bright red flow; the majority of my period was dark maroon/brown and I always started off a little lighter. I counted any day that was more than spotting as CD1.

    But I'm sure as long as you are consistent, that is the most important thing-- it's all about counting out to Ovulation Day and also having a luteal phase (ovulation to CD1) of greater than 10 days...











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  • I agree with danieleandwayne, I've never really payed attention to the difference in color in the beginning of the cycle.  Just the amount of flow.  Day one for me is when there is decent flow and no longer spotting.
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  • Thanks everyone!  
  • My doctor said the first day is when you have a good flow not spotting ... but if this is your normal first day then i would count that for day 1 .. what is nice about charting is that after a couple months you can almost pinpoint exactly when you ovulate! :)  it does help and you do feel kind of in control of everything :)


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