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Do "real" contractions make it hard to breathe?

I have been having contractions for several day but nothing real regular yet.  Today my Dr swept my membranes and tonight I have had a few contractions that made it kind of hard to breathe.  I never felt any contractions with DD before they augmented them with pitocin (my water broke and I was contracting just fine but the nurses were pushy with the pit) so I really don't have much of a frame of reference. 

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Re: Do "real" contractions make it hard to breathe?

  • They can but so can BH. For me the contractions felt like a huge band wrapping around my body and bearing down. They definitely made me stop and take notice. When you feel them you think, "Oh! So these are labor contractions!" The timing is really what's key. If they are regular and getting more frequent and you can't calm them down by relaxing, it's go time! ;) GL
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  • BH make it hard to breathe for me.
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  • Ohhhh yea...mine did. But they also had me in Pitocin so they were coming back to back in waves. You will know when they are real contractions...BELIEVE ME, they arent hard to miss.
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  • My contractions made me feel like someone was squeezing me very hard all the way around my middle. When I have BH it's hard for me to breathe.
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