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Anyone use Paragard?

Both DH and I feel that our family is complete with two kiddos, however he is ridiculously phobic about all things medical and turns pale at the thought of a vasectomy (which really annoys me to be honest).  I had my 6 week check yesterday, and the contraceptive conversation took place.  Given that I do not do well with hormones, my OB suggested Paragard.  Anyone use it?  Pros, cons?  TIA!
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Re: Anyone use Paragard?

  • Yep. Twice, and it failed once (but so did DH's vasectomy, so don't go by me). I'm looking into Essure this summer, seems way easier. Paraguard made me super crampy with my period, I hated that. And tmi, but DH could feel the strings, it bothered him.
  • I had Paragard implanted about 2 months ago, so far all is well. I chose it because of the no hormones, that was big for me. 

    I have had two periods so far, nothing too heavy as I heard from others. Insertion there was some discomfort but nothing unexpected. I don't have nay cons yet, I personally don't mind a period in exchange for no hormones. 


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