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measuring behind

i just went to my doctors today and i am measuring 4 weeks behind where i am suppossed to be i didnt have this problem before with my other two children and they are sendingme monday morning for another ultrasound i am 34 weeks and4 days and my fiance just left for basic training on monday i amd not quite sure what to do now i am very scared that something is wrong even though the doctor said her heartbeat was fine any advice from other moms out there

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  • Don't worry until you have a reason to worry.  I know that's easier said than done. We had a few scares with our 4th baby.  If there is something wrong, contact his recruiter and let them know. They will give you all the info for his training unit.  You'll need to call the Red Cross and have a message sent to him to let him know.  
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  • With DS, I measured 3 weeks behind for the entire pregnancy. The doctor kept telling me that I was going to have a tiny baby. It wasn't so much telling as it was berating me, telling me I wasn't eating enough, which is why he was so small. Except, she never ordered an ultrasound. At my anatomy scan, he measured 3 weeks ahead, but my fundal height was behind. In the few days before I gave birth, I was terrified because this OB was saying these things. Well, the b!tch was wrong because I gave birth to an almost 9 lb baby, a week early. He was breech, laying across my belly until just before I gave birth. it was 100% positioning that caused me to measure behind.

     With DD, I measured normal until 31 weeks. Then at 33 weeks, I measured 2 weeks off. At 35 weeks, I measured 4 weeks off. There was concern for the baby, so an ultrasound was ordered. She measured a week ahead on the scan. I gave birth 2 weeks early and she was 7.5 lbs. I dropped very early with dd. she was engaged in my pelvis, which is why I measured behind. 

    Measuring fundal height is important, but also very subjective. Don't worry u til you have to. 

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  • LyseeHLyseeH member

    I agree don't worry until theres a reason to! and I am a perfectly healthy pregnant adult who measured 6 weeks smaller then i should have the entire end of my mothers pregnancy and i was 1 day late at 4.8lbs and was just considered small for dates!  And my husband measured 4 weeks behind the end of his moms pregnancy as well and he arrived 2 weeks early at 4.5lbs. BUT today both of us are 100% strong and healthy!!!!! (I asked the parents when we were measuring behind as well)

    Our TaterTot is measuring 2 weeks behind but the docs say Taters looking good and developing just fine and hitting just the right milestones for development so far!!!! I bet your little munchkin is doing just amazingly! keep us posted and best of luck with no worries because we dont want you to put any extra stress on yourself! Try to stay positive and i'll keep you in my good thoughts!

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