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I had my blood taken yesterday morning and i still havent heard anything back from my doctor i have called twice once yesterday and once today. They are checking y hch levels cause i have a threatned miscarriage. im going crazy waiting. they heard the heartbeat it was a strong 149 on tuesday the spotting has stopped i have no cramping but im going crazy from waiting.


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    If it makes you feel any better I had my first doctor's appointment May 29th and I still haven't heard back from them on my blood!

    I am thinking nothing is wrong since they didn't call me.


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    sesigssesigs member
    I find with my OB no news is good news about blood work. However, because of the threatened miscarriage I would be going crazy too! I would try calling the office before they close if you don't hear soon. GL! 
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    I wouldn't freak out too much...they call every incident of spotting a "threatened miscarriage". If they saw the heartbeat and didn't tell you anything at the appointment try and breathe easy. I went to the ER for a spotting incident and they did a pelvic exam and an u/s and didn't find anything scary, just a healthy baby with a strong heartbeat. My dr said my bloodwork "looked good" and that was as specific as he got.
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    I had my appointment last Wednesday 6/13 and no one called and i forgot to call so I called Monday and there was a note on my chart for me to talk with the nurse so I guess it was up to me to call they werent going to call me
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