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My 3 week old was recently diagnosed with reflux/gerd. Has anyone had any success with treatment? Pediatrician is recommending over the counter Mylanta/Maylox for now. If that doesn't resolve the problem, might have to try Zantac.

 Also, have heard the symptoms of reflux are also extremely similar to over active let down in breast feeding. 

Anyone have any experience / advice on these?

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Re: Reflux/Gerd

  • My LO has reflux. She is on zantac. The pedi didn't even suggest trying mylanta/maylox first. That kind of frustrates me because we were not too excited about medicating her so young. You can also try colic calm. It's all natural and says that it also helps with reflux.
  • We are prilosec as the zantac does not work... every baby is different, so every treatment is different, in my experience I appreciate doctors who are cautious but I also don't like to see my LO in pain so it is a very fine dance between the parent and pedi to find the right solution. has a good article on reflux vs active let down, I would look there.  

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  • it took me a good two/three weeks to figure out it was my over supply/ forceful letdown and not reflux.  the biggest clue was that his freaking, screaming, arching back thing happened very soon into eating, and he was fine between feedings.  hes still a gassy baby, which might be caused by more foremilk than hindmilk, but ive learned to let him completely finish one side, and then i usually feed the same side at the next feeding and then pump the other side.  im going back to work in seven weeks so i dont want to discourage my supply now...ive got a great freezer stash actually.  but if youre not working in the future i wouldnt pump, id let your body regulate.
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