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Hi/Lo for the week

What's your High/Low this week?

Low: SD told me I was ignorant regarding SIDS, and that it was 100% preventable with good parenting. The one thing my family isn't is ignorant about SIDS. And, we know better than most that it's not preventable at all. The added dig at my sister sent me over the edge. I pretty much saw red and fell apart. Not a day goes by, especially right now, that I don't think about my nephew. He'd be three. On August 29, the day DS start peak SIDS, it will have been 3 years to the day since he died. We miss him, and feel it that he's not there.

High: DD turned 16 yesterday! We went to dinner and my parents bought her the Doctor's pocket watch from Doctor Who along with Sun and Moon jars from ThinkGeek. They're so cool! I want one now, lol. They look like something you'd see at the Blue Bayou restaurant at Disney Land. I bought her a Doctor Who shirt that has the TARDIS (a British Police Box) painted Vincent Van Gogh style on it. Her favorite episode is "Vincent and the Doctor", where the travel back in time and meet Vincent Van Gogh. Made me cry. She'll also get a Nook or kindle, her choice, when I go back to work.  

Re: Hi/Lo for the week

  • Low: The emotional rollercoaster that is a break-up. It's still so fresh, and I look forward to healing.

    High: I got to hear baby's heartbeat yesterday! He's growing as he should, and I'm so lucky I have him during all this mess.

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  • High: Little lady will be one next week, yikes!  And she is becoming a little helper, so cute, and she is obsessed with books, I love it. 

    Low:  The ex has a new job...again...story of his life...and I filed for support (no more you send me a check when you freakin feel like it) and of course, it will now be harder to locate him, because I have no address, no phone number, nothing. 

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  • LOW: BD's ex felt the need to text me. Its been 3 years and yet she still randomly texts me for stupid reasons.

    HIGH: DD has been an excellent sleeper. Sleeping 9:00 till about 9:30am. AWESOME!!!

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  • Low: Just my summer class in general. I hate writing papers and junk when I was be swimming!


    High: DS does this thing where he goes through everyone he is close to and says where they are like this "Grandma at work, Grandpa at work, Mommy at work, Uncle Nathan at work " etc. EVERYONE is ALWAYS at work. Even if they aren't at work. It's cute and we correct him, but you know how that goes. Anyways, he was doing that this week and when he got to Daddy, he said "Daddy watching TV" I just died laughing. His dad is one of those glued to the TV 24/7 guys. It just killed me. 

    the start of him realizing who the most awesome parent is? hope so ;) haha 

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