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The Audacity of Some NCPs

Ok, so SD kept asking if I needed anything when he comes to visit. Finally, I said, "I could really use some help financially. Can you make a payment to your half of the medical costs?" (His half is 1500+ so far.)

He replies back with, "I won't give you money until I have visitation." Wait... WHAT?! That completely floored me. He HAS visitation...hence the whole point of the email was if I needed anything when he came to VISIT this Friday. I shot back the standard, "Child support does NOT equal visitation." Then, I added rather snarkily, "Which is why you get to see him while you're not paying."  Never in my life have I wanted to say, "Ok, since you're not paying until you have visitation, then let me take away visitation." Obviously, since I believe firmly in that, I didn't.

Re: The Audacity of Some NCPs

  • Ok... THEN, he told me he won't pay because DD is my ex's responsibility. What does she have to do with anything. Unlike him, my ex pays child support and helps out when child support isn't enough. He's lost his freaking marbles. Does he think because I have another child, HIS amount will be lowered? Maybe I should request he get drug tested. He's obviously on something! 

  • I like to refer to this as "pay to play".  The ex seems to think he gets visitation becasue he pays CS (well, was paying, but not the point).  He seems to think the two are entangled. 

    Funny, he has a child with his first wife that he pays CS for...and has been thru custody and whatnot...the two are NEVER related, but yet, he seems to think they are.  Clearly he learned nothing with the first one (or about children or about being married or about being a selfish bast@rd...).



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