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i just got a BFP! My first turned a year on May 25th.

I have three questions already!

1.)  I BF and haven't really introduced WCM or any other kind of milk; Should I start?  I mean what if the taste changes and weans himself, what if i am sore? I'm ok with the thought of tandem nursing(at least i think so  Should i be concerned?

2.)   We bedshare since my son out grew his bassinet, we have  queen size bed. My DH doesn't want to switch the our little guy to the crib which i don't mind. Thinking of getting king size bed, bassinet for baby till he/she out grows it then all in the same bed.  Bed against wall 1 year old, me, baby, DH.  is that logical? what do you do?

3.) I have 26ish CD's for my little guy, should i plan about the same for baby? Can they use the diapers interchangably, or do i have to keep them seperate?


Any suggestions? 

Re: BFP!

  • First of all congrats!

    DD still doesn't drink a lot of WCM.  She eats some form of dairy at least once a day (usually more) so our pedi said she wasn't concerned about WCM.  I don't believe that milk is essential for a healthy diet as long as those nutrients are being acquired through other food/drinks.

    I have no advice on the bed sharing or cloth diapering as we don't do either.

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  • Congrats!  I would only introduce milk if you want to. I didn't.  I became pg with DS3 when DS2 was about 9mo old.  He nursed until @ 18mo and stopped. I just gave him different things at that time and found what he enjoyed.  Your DC is already 1, so I wouldn't worry about it at all.  If you do have an issue you mentioned, you can try different things at that time to compensate and make the changes needed.  For now, I would enjoy the ease and closeness of bf =)

    Bedsharing is totally personal.  I like to get LOs comfortable sleeping in their own room pretty early (definitely by 2) because IMO it is much easier on them than it is later.  Past 2yo they can climb, wander and be hard to teach/understand to stay in bed, especially if they never did before, or are in a new environment.  And @ 4yo or so they start to have fears that are bad enough when in a familiar environment they have been use to for years.  Also, for us, even with the older 2 in their own room, I cringe at the baby's nighttime crying (I prioritize their sleep, I know it is essential to development and I feel bad my other children might be woken up in the middle of the night) and it would be worse if we were all bedsharing.  

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