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just have to say...(happy vent)

lurking on other boards. and some moms are like "OMG DH was out of town for soo long I had to take care of DS all by myself for four whole days!". Not that I'm judging that, I get it. But it just makes me smile and proud of myself that I ALWAYS take care of DS all by myself (of course when he is with a sitter which is only when I'm at work or like once a week for my "me" time: pedicure, dinner with a friend, whatever- but I'm sure married moms have those sitter times too). So...just have to say, we should all be happy and proud of ourselves for how hard we work and the great job we are doing!!! yay!!
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Re: just have to say...(happy vent)

  • LOVE this. Too often we don't pat ourselves on the back. We do an awesome job, by ourselves, ALL THE TIME :) We should be proud of ourselves!!!!!!Cool
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  • I totally agree.

    I love when my mom watches little lady for a bit and then goes on and on about not getting anything else done and not even getting to eat dinner.  WTH man?  What do you think I do ALL DAY, EVERYDAY??  Seriously.  Its not that hard.

  • Lol, yeah, I've always just shaken my head at married moms. "I can't even shower until DH gets home to watch LO." Ummm, I just pop him in his bouncer and bring him into the bathroom with me.
  • Or, wait till LO goes to bed and grab a shower. I have become very used to doing things with the bathroom door open.

    Just the other day I was telling myself I should be proud that I am able to do the single mom thing and run a house by myself.

  • As they say in the Marine Corps, "Adapt and Overcome" in which all the single mom's and single dad's have done!

    **high-fives everyone on this board**

    I am now engaged but still like to come by since I have been a single mama!

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  • Yes! You don't realize how much you can do by yourself until you have to. And after a while of being a SM it doesn't even seem out of the ordinary anymore. And I'm proud of that.
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