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  • I'm going with San Antonio Birth Center. The staff, facility and the midwives are incredibly helpful and welcoming. I have United Healthcare and they actually covered 60% of the costs, so with the payment plan they have it was very affordable on our limited budget. Alissa Voss and the other midwives are very knowledgeable and have a lot of great insights. When I went for the tour, I was encouraged that the center was set up a lot like my own home. It's cozy and not at all like a doctor's office. I also loved that they cancel all appointments for the day if there is a birth going on so the mom has some privacy. I initially wanted a home birth, but after talking to them and viewing the center, I decided I wanted to go there. They do both, but the center is so convenient. They have a kitchenette there and have set everything up like a spa. Also, it is right across from University Hospital just in case anything goes wrong. I'm 23 weeks now and have done all my prenatal care through them. So far, so good!
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