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Postpartum Depression

Placenta Encapsulation?

I am taking a Bradley Natural Childbirth class in preparation for our LO and the Doula who teaches it suggests placenta encapsulation as a way to ward off PPD. It makes sense that most mammals ingest the placenta after birth, and it holds a lot of hormones (which are deficient after birth) so Im up to trying it. However, there aren't may recent studies with measurable research to go in its favor, but I have heard many moms praising how it worked for them. Have any of you done this or something similar and seen good results? Thanks

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  • I will be doing it this time.  I have severe PPA after DD was born, and wish I had realized what I mess I was sooner.  Nothing can prepare you for PPD/PPA, but this time around, I plan to be armed with ammo :)  It is definitely not detrimental in any way, and is proven to help with milk production.  For that reason alone, I would do it!
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  • We're trying for our second now and I will be doing placenta encapsulation. Just like the PP, I had PPD with my first and it was terrible. Plus, I had next to no milk production so I'm hoping to benefit that way as well.
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  • I know many gals who have great things to say about their results. Im due with my 2nd child in Oct and my Doula will take care of my encapsulation for me. I didn't even know placenta encapsulation existed back when I had DS and I did have mild PPD after delivery. IMO its fairly cheap and there is no negative consequence so why not give it a try? If it even helps a little that is still a better result than doing nothing at all.
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