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In the temporary orders I have full legal and physical custody of DS. While we wait to go to court in July, the served papers stand as the agreement. Because STBX and I still cohabitate (until 8/1), I tell him or run it by him when I have plans to do something with DS. Last weekend I went to vist my parents and ran it by him to make sure he was ok with it. But we were home all day Sunday and spent the day with him. This weekend I want totake DS to go visit a friend who's visiting a nearby city for a few days. He was not invited. Again, I ran it by him. He said "ok" and then got all quiet and then said he was sad. Sorry dude but we're divorcing and I'm putting my life back together and moving on. Right now I'm telling you these things out of courtesy, not because I have to or I want to. The fact is, I don't have to. I have custody. But for the sake of being amicable and not wanting to live in a war zone I let you know or dare I say, run things past you. I'm not looking for an approval or permission, I'm simply asking so if you had other plans with DS you would have an opportunity to tell me. Again, we'll be around all day on Saturday and doing family stuff that HE arranged a few months ago. How is it my problem that he's sad? I don't want to be unkind, but that's rediculous. Of course I'm afraid to tell him I don't care how he feels because I don't want to start s*it, but I'm getting sick of the guilt trips. It's not my fault he feels that way, he's the one who flushed our life down the crapper.

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