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Another slap in the face!

Hey guys,

thanks for listening. Well it seems that just when I was about to try one last time to get a relationship back with my husband, he does it again. He cheated on me our entire marriage, never stopped when I found out, and two weeks after starting to talk to him, he starts up again. I'm done. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and although I'm mourning the loss of what could have been, I've finally woken up and realized that was all a dream. It was never going to be what I thought. It was nothing but lies anyway. I guess I'm just looking for some words of encouragement. I feel better that I won't have to raise my daughter around a selfish pig who doesn't know how to treat women. People don't change-Lesson learned.

Re: Another slap in the face!

  • What kinds of things should I be doing? Any advice would help. I'm sooooo lost with this.
  • You should be focusing on the best way to raise your baby without him, no not all marriages that fall apart result in only one parent really being there but a good number of them do. Its better to prepare for the worst so you are always ready for it.

    I would be for getting a lawyer too, most divorces should not be handled between two people. It tends to bring out the worst in people.

    The wonderful ladies of this board are here for you anytime you need advice, encouraging words, or just a place to vent. Everything will get easier, not quickly, but they do. 

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  • I've already left. I've been gone since April. We just started talking when he pulled the same s*** on me. So I'm glad I never moved back. I'm with my parents right now. I'm not working because I work in a school and it's over right now. I've saved a little when I was working. I'm just so worried about all the stress on my lo. I've been a mess since day one, since I found out about my pregnancy only one day after finding out about the affair. I'm just a bit scared of the future, but now realize that nothing is guarenteed anyway.
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