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Grrr, and other similarly vague angry sounds.

I never post here, but I've got a lot of crud going on in my life right now and I'm reaching out to a lot of new and different folks to try and get a handle on it all.  So I hope the post is not unwelcome...

The long and short of it is that my oldest DD's father is a sack of crap.  He never acts like a father until he thinks it can win him some sympathy from others, or he can use it as a jab at me.  I'm not exaggerating, this is a fact.  Thankfully, he lives halfway across the continent, so when he's not being a self-entitled, snarky little rot, he is simply absent from our lives.

Well, this week has been the week from hell - I miscarried my third baby, and I forgot about Father's Day because of it.  Little DD's dad didn't get his panties in a wad because he is not a selfish twit.  But I get a text from Big DD's dad today saying, "Thanks for the call from [DD] yesterday."  So I responded, "I'm in the middle of a miscarriage.  Sorry I forgot about a corporate holiday.  You could have called her if it meant so much to you.  Call her today if you want."

No response as of yet.  If he stays true to form, he'll come back in a few hours telling me about what a horrible excuse for a human being I am.  I can't help but feel that Someone Up There just has it out for me right now.  I guess there's no real point to this post but to maybe see if anyone out there can relate.  Misery loves company. 

// I love you too. //

Re: Grrr, and other similarly vague angry sounds.

  • (hugs) I'm having a bad day with my relationship with SD (ie, today I hate him), so I'm in a mood to completely man bash and hate on jerk face dads. I'll add yours to the list.
  • *hugs* to you Native. I was so sad to see your post about it.

    He just continues to show why you are no longer with him. A lot of men here need to grow up........

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