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Hi, I'm LJC and Lucy and Jack are my kids. I've been around for awhile on other boards and I never thought I would end up here.

H left us 2 days ago after telling me he never loved me and didn't want a wife anymore. We've been together 5 years, a few fights here and there but nothing major. I feel like he's going through some mental issues right now along with a not so midlife crisis that is making him feel like he needs to relive his early 20's. He's not willing to work things out or go to therapy. I'm still in shock but I know I need to take control of the situation. 

I have no idea where to start or how to get past this point. I honestly was blindsided by all of this so I haven't ever even looked into child support or divorce laws. Any advice would be appreciated. 

The last think which I'm hoping someone else here has dealt with, my daughter is Autistic and requires a lot of therapy ($$$) and extra help. How do I make sure I can continue with the things she needs and just deal with being the single parent of a SN child?

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Re: New here

  • Welcome, but sorry you are here. The only advice I can offer is that it?s only been two days, it?s going to take a while for the shock to wear off. You will get through this because there is no other choice, and it will be hard but you can do it.

    I would start looking through the phone book for lawyers that have experience in your local area with custody issues involving special needs children. Most states offer free legal aid (if you qualify) or could possibly point you in the right direction.

    Again I am sorry it happened to you if you ever need to talk just PM me. My husband of 17 years left me out of the blue when I was 3 months pregnant, so I know what it feels like.


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  • If you are sure it is over (it has only been two days...things can change, trust me) the first thing you can do is call your local domestic relations office and they will help you with all the stuff about child support (including the money for therapy for your daughter).  They will help you with all of it, no worries.

    As for a lawyer, you can start to research to find one to help with divorce and custody, but I wouln't start chucking money at one just yet.  See what is going to happen and have the number ready to call when/if you need it.  (remember, if he wants a divorce, he can file...i.e. he can pay for it.)


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