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Need some advice :)

Hello ladies! My husband and I live out of state but are looking into buying an investment property in the Indianapolis area. Can you tell me what areas are good, and which ones we should stay away from? Thanks so much.
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Re: Need some advice :)

  • ebd08ebd08 member
    Investment property...residential or commercial?  I think it depends on what you are looking to do.
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  • Unfortunately it may be one where you have to visit. When we were searching, there were quite a few that we thought would be GREAT, then we drove by the neighborhood and it was in a bad location.


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  • Hello!

    I live just outside of downtown Indy (and have spent most of my life in Indiana), so I could give you some advice, but as another poster said, are you looking for residential or commercial?  A ballpark figure that you're willing to spend would also be helpful.



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