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Do you show

Hi everyone,


I am thinking that my belly is bigger, or am I just seeing things :)


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    erbearerbear member
    ummm, how are we supposed to know? But probably not. Most people don't show in the 1st tri.
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    I thought I was too but after further reading I think it's mostly just being bloated. Except my boobs, they are def bigger and hurt sooooo bad
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    nope, I actually lost weight.  I really hope I dont show until the 2nd tri!
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    Depends, I am. Im 5' and started out small but this is pregnancy #7 baby #4- im sure each person is different but body shape size and past pregnancys make a difference :) enjoy it! It wont last forever and you will actually miss it one day :))
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    For my first pregnancy I didn't 'show' until after 20 weeks.  I'm feeling bloated now, but not 'showing' yet.  How far along are you?  Is this your first?  There's no way to answer your question without context.
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    It's probably just 1st trimester bloat. Little one is tucked so far down throughout 1st tri that it's pretty impossible to have an actual baby bump until 2nd tri.
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    Ok. I tried to do the tracker, but it did not work. I am 7 weeks. 

    I guess it is just bloating :) 

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    first baby = probably just bloat, if you've been pregnant before you sometimes show earlier because you're already stretched out. For me, I've felt like I've looked semi pregnant since pregnant with DS, so who knows what is going on down there, lol.

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    I know a lot of ladies are talking about their little bumps and bloats, but I have absolutely no bump. Nearly 12 weeks and no bump.
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    Kie310Kie310 member
    At a little over 11 weeks I'm not showing anything but bloat. And this is my 2nd pregnancy. I'm not expecting to show baby belly for at least another 3-4 weeks. At least.
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    A lot of people get a little bloated and look a little pregnant during the 1st trimester, it's lovely ;)




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    depends on how far along you are?
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    I know they say most people do not show in the first trimester and that it's all bloat - and it very well may be.  But there's a clear distinction in how far my stomach is sticking out now compared to before I was pregnant.  Maybe it's bloat, but it's definitely there.  I know my uterus is not big enough to be "showing" but there's a bulge for sure.  This is also #2 for me though.
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    sesigssesigs member
    I am the proud owner of a bloat baby. Your belly probably is bigger but it isn't because of baby! 
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