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Yoga/fitness classes

Does anyone know of any good prenatal yoga or other prenatal fitness classes in the East Valley?
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Re: Yoga/fitness classes

  • Hi there,

     If you are near Gilbert, I've heard there's a prenatal yoga class on Wednesday nights from 7:30 to 8:45pm at Gilbert Yoga.

    There's also prenatal yoga early Saturday morning.

    I haven't been to either class though so I can't say whether or not they'll be good.

    I'm still looking into fitness options myself so I would love to hear other people's responses too. Thanks for asking this question. :)

  • Great question... what about in the West Valley?
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  • Ya I just found out I'm about 4 weeks pregnant and I went online searching for some prenatal yoga and Gilbert Yoga was the one I went to first. I requested info. online and I got a call not even an hour later. They left a voice mail with everything I needed to know. They say that you shouldn't start the prenatal yoga until around 12 weeks though. I think I'm gonna go with this place. Maybe we'll see each other lol
  • It seems like Gilbert Yoga is the most affordable and easiest to access. :( I was hoping there would be more options, since a class that is scheduled is far more motivating to me than creating something on my own! :) I know that most exercise classes' instructors can and will make accommodations for pregnant women, but I feel more comfortable being in a class specifically prenatal. I found a few different options in the Scottsdale area for anyone else that might be interested. Thanks for the info. that you all found!
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  • Inner Vision yoga has prenatal classes as well as workshops. They have a Tempe location as well as a Chandler location.
  • any in North Phx?
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