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hello dead zone! Plans today?

this should be the most poppin board on father's day.. lol. I'm so bored at work over here and just keep refreshing to see if anything is going on.... whomp whomp. What is everyone doing today??
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Re: hello dead zone! Plans today?

  • The same thing I do everyday, Pinky. Trying to take over the world!
  • imagelurchbaby:

    The same thing I do everyday, Pinky. Trying to take over the world!


    I'm kickin' it with little man becuase his SD cancelled 10 minutes before he was supposed to be here. And then later I am going to take my brother out to dinner because he is a single dad.


    SD...haha love it when people use this term. What a freakin DB. Sorry for you and especially DS. But good thing DS has a good mama..and uncle!! And major props to your bro!! And TY ladies for responding and somewhat relieving me of my ridiculous boredom.

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  • We had a busy weekend! I just started selling Scentsy so I had my very first vendor event Saturday 7-2. So I left the house early my parents watched my daughter for me so I could set up and get my things ready my dad came to help. They ended up coming back around 10 b.c my dad saw that they had a horse and they wanted M to ride it. She came running towards me yelling that she was on a horse she was so excited! We (M, my dad and me) left to go to M's last gymnastic class for the year and my mom stayed to work my table. She got her medal and was pumped! After the event I took her to Chuck e Cheese for the very first time, I havent been for years and we spent over 3.5 hours there! She had so much fun as did I and it wasnt that expensive thinking about it, I went with another mother and her daughter and we both spent 17.00 and we shared a large pizza and got 4 drinks and 100 tokens to split. I cant wait to go back! And then on Sunday my dd and me took my parents out for lunch. I convinced my dad to get a lobster roll and I treated myself to one as well. I had a great Fathers Day ;).

    Sorry I just gave every detail to my weekend lol :) Hope everyone got a moment to do something special for you!

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    I made it past my goal I nursed for 1 year and 6 weeks! Im so proud of myself!
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