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Surprise, Surprise (Long Man Bash)

So, Tuesday we told SD to let us know if he wanted DS for Father's Day, and/or when we could schedule something for his dad to meet his newest grandson. He hasn't called to set anything up. As much as he goes on and on about being a dad, you'd think his very first father's day would be important to him. Guess not. I've always known of being a father meant not spending time with his soulmate of the week, then he wouldn't want to schedule around LO. Of course, this means I don't have to deal with him tomorrow!

Next, we've been planning for weeks that DD would spend Father's Day with her father, half brothers, and paternal grandfather. I get a text canceling lunch with her grandfather. I replied back that she could still do something with her brothers. He said, True. Then, he sends another text saying he's decided to go to Austin instead. UGH!!! These men need to get their priorities straight. You can always drive to Austin later. It's an hour and half away. You can't always spend Sunday with your only daughter. In fact, this is the ONLY Sunday she has free ALL summer!

To top it all off, he cancelled on her birthday dinner. You only turn 16 once.  Take the time and come back to San Antonio for dinner! Luckily, since the birthday dinner is a surprise, she won't know about that. My mom calls him a Dad of convenience. Meaning when it's convenient for him, he's there.

Re: Surprise, Surprise (Long Man Bash)

  • I always appreciate the fact that they think they are doing you a favor when they take their child........You?re not babysitting it?s your baby. Or when it?s not convenient for them they act like it?s a burden. It was not convenient for me to look after Emma when I had food poisoning but that?s what parents do (sorry vent over).

    Sorry that you and your children are going through this.

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  • My dad was very much this way also and still is. Kids pick up on those things. You can't make them WANT to be a dad, but just hope that they will realize that they are hurting their children, not the ex.
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  • Ugh, yes. SO ANNOYING. Honestly I feel bad for DD and DS bc that is really who their fathers are hurting, but they are lucky they have such a good mama anyway! I actually kinda get the first father's day thing bc he's a DB and doesn't get it anyway.. but DDs dad to cancel last min AND cancel her 16th bd... what a d!%K.

    DS's dad hasn't really called/ texted/ wanted to know about Jude in weeks. I was sort of thinking about being nice and sending him some pictures I got developed "for" Father's day (I got them developed for me but I have copies so I was gonna send him some). But since he clearly doesn't really care about his son that much, I said hmmm nevermind I don't feel like it. It's strange how guys seem to like the idea of being a dad and bragging about how they have a son.. but don't do $h!t about it.

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  • The blessing and curse is that DD has come to expect it. It's sad that she's not phased by him canceling, but it's a blessing as well. After 12 years of being 100% MIA, and 4 of in and out, what can he expect?

    I'm wondering if this is a sign of things to come with SD as he realizes babies are work when they belong to you. And, at the beginning, not a lot of fun. 

  • Ugh I will NEVER understand why some guys make their kids options. Usually its the ones that "have" so much to do that they just simply can not find the time to see their kids that walk around acting like father of the year.

    My STBXH is like that. I think I can count on one hand the amount of holidays/fathers days/birthdays he has spent with his daughter since shes been born.... and shes almost 5. He can so make the time to plan visits with his various girlfriends though. At least I won't have to fight with him over who has our son on holidays and birthdays after hes born.

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