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just curious, i suppose. :)[Poll]
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Marian Abigail :: born 9-16-2012 via emergency C/S
BFP on 11-14-2014, aiming for a VBAC

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  • Don't know yet.  If I don't get a call by Monday, I passed.  FX'd for no phone call!
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  • Let's see...

    With #1: I failed my hour, but passed my 3 hour.

    With #2: I passed my 1st tri and 3rd tri GTT.

    With #3 (this baby): I passed my 1st tri GTT.  My next one is on Friday so we'll see!

    Oh, and I'm required to take the test in 1st tri because I have large babies. 


    Carter Robert 7.18.08 | Brynn Sophia 5.24.10 | Reid Joseph 9.10.12 | Emerson Mae 1.27.14

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  • I failed both. Sad  I have to go to a GD nutrition class on Monday where I am told they will hook me up with a monitor to keep track of my blood sugar levels at home.  I meet with my doctor the following week.  Although I am disappointed with the GD diagnosis, I am kind of selfishly wondering if I will get another ultrasound to peek at my little man. Wink

    Oh, and I want a Reese's peanut butter cup soooo bad. 

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  • SS: I'm type 1 diabetic outside of pregnancy, so no GTT for me. I'm already on insulin and testing 15 times a day.
  • With DS I failed the 1hr and passed the 3 hr.

    This time I passed the 1 hr both times in the 1st and 3rd trimester. Just like Jenni I had to do early due to my sons size!

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  • I have told my sob story before...


     I took the 1hr at 14wks because I am fat. Failed. Then took the 3hr, passed everything but the fasting time point. Came back in 4 weeks took the 3hr again, same thing, passed everything but the fasting time point (failed the fasting by one measly point). Fast forward 4 weeks (last Thursday) took the 3hr again....we will see how I do this time. For those keeping track at home, that is 4 glucose tests. I wanted her to just diagnose me, but she says she won't diagnose me without a concrete pass or fail. So we will see how I do. I think though this time I am going to stand my ground and refuse another glucose test and have her find an alternative way to track me if she doesn't like the results of the latest 3hr.


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  • I just had mine this morning.  We'll find out how I did this week.  They've already told me that Baby Kyle is only in the 10th percentile for his abdominal size so I doubt there will be problems. 

    Grow and gain some weight Baby Kyle!

  • SS: took the 1 hr test yesterday, won't know the results either until my next appt or when they call.  I didn't think to ask if they would even bother calling if I passed, so I have no idea what to expect!
    Little B 9.20.12
  • Stupid lab messed up my blood. My office doesn't give out the drink to do at home, so I'm just skipping re-taking the 1hr and taking the 3 hr on July 6th to get it over with. I failed the 1 hr with DS, so I was half expecting to take the 3 hr regardless...annoying, though!
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  • SS: I'm in the UK and it's a two hour test.  You either pass or fail, you don't get to try again.  I took it on Friday and will have my results on Monday, I think, at my 28 week appointment.  I hope I passed!
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