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Ok, so I've had 3 positive tests, including a blood test. Even though I'm not sure if I've even missed my period yet (irregular), but I think I have. I'm obviously pregnant. 

We're planning on telling my husbands parents tonight, but I'm totally nervous. Don't get me wrong, they're going to be PUMPED, but I'm scared we're telling too early. What if something happens and everyone is disappointed?  BUT, that is the whole reason we're telling them this early...for support in case some thing does happen...and the fact that we're excited to tell them. 

 I can't understand why I'm so nervous, but I am.  


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    I was incredibly nervous basically the whole first trimester, for that very reason. The nerves are normal. Just tell yourself that today you are pregnant and you love that baby growing inside of you. Aside from taking care of yourself, there is nothing more you can do, so just enjoy the experience :)
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    Thank you for that....Its good to know I'm not the only nervous one! 
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    We did the same thing.  After I tested positive, we told my parents, then after the doctor's appointment, we started telling our siblings and very best friends.  Our theory is the same as yours - that we're telling the people we'd need to lean on in case something goes wrong.  We were nervous too, but it's worth it to tell parents and siblings - it's such happy news :)

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    Ooh good idea! I have been wondering when to tell my parents. Me and my stepmom work in the ER together, and I think she'll find out, but I think I'll plan to tell them after my appointment! Thanks!
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    When it comes to telling immediate family, we think the same way, that we would tell them if something went wrong, so they should get to support us in the meantime as well.

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    We felt the same way, so we told our immediate families between weeks 6 and 7. I just told my best friend yesterday as well.

    However as a word of caution, I think that you should take into consideration what your family dynamics are like. Next time we have a child, we will only be telling DH's parents and sister until we're closer to 2nd tri. Telling my family early has been a huge debacle. They've been very resistant to keeping our secret and bother me every few days about when they can start telling people (they've already told a few people that they wanted to tell). It has been more of a headache than just telling them after the fact if something had happened with the pregnancy.

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